Friday, 20 August 2010

i made these

Top to bottom: sailor hat with swallows i hand-embroidered; top hat with red satin bow; Jane Austin bonnet; Carmen Miranda draped on buckram base; felt 1920s hat with silver birds; red pillbox on buckram base; inside of pillbox; upclose of embroidery; back of Carmen Miranda; better idea of shape of 1920s hat; tophat on block; straw cloche on block; only photo I have of straw cloche with feather trim; overview of Millinery 1 class, with Andrew the tutor, who I found out on Millinery 2 had passed away :(


To date, I've completed two millinery courses, both at London College of Fashion (yeah, I never imagined I'd actually attend a class there, either. Especially after the shocking "tartan/plaid" clash incident of 2001)

I've done both Millinery 1 and Millinery 2, the first as a series of nine 3-hour evening sessions, and the second an intensive 5 days. I can see the appeal of both: the long course, you can take your time developing your hat and ideas, but the week is great cos you go in everyday, 10am-4pm, and just work on hats. That's what made me apply for the HNC in Millinery. To be able to have that as your work would be incredible. No more part-time making, but everyday being able to create and sew and get paid for it. I don't care if it's crap wages, I don't care if I live with my parentals the rest of my life (though they may have something to say about it), if I can wake up and create everyday, I'd be happy.

Alas, that is a pipe dream. But for the next 9 months, I get 3 days a week of millinery....get in!!

So....they are all just me practising with different fabrics and blocks, and playing around with the techniques. But I tried to make it as varied as possible, and get a couple of wearable ones out of the exercise.

Bon appetit! Or something x

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