Sunday, 28 March 2010

Just like Nu-Metal, I'm out to change the world. For a bit.

So, its been a while since I’ve posted anything creative, and – incidentally – listened to Staind. I’m hoping my crap doesn’t go the way of 90s nu-metal. Reminiscent of past times but not quite fond enough to be transferred to iTunes.

I’m concentrating on the old head-gear as it’s easier to buy supplies for and make without wondering if the sewing machine is pissing off the people downstairs. Although my French still isn’t good enough to actually get into an argument: I’m still at that blissfully unaware stage of having someone rant in your face and having no idea what they’re angry about. I just imagine they’re telling me what a beautiful English Rose I am, and how my spaghetti-stained top I’ve thrown on is so chic, dahling, So Chic. The fact that it infuriates them even further when I smile at the end, wave a “bonsoir!” and saunter off just cements how being totally ignorant can be your best friend sometimes.

But back to today’s theme. I’ve seen the feathered fascinators around for ages, and have always admired them. Particularly on Whitney Port. There’s something so elegant and na├»ve about that girl (and then she goes out wearing tie-dye crop-top and culottes and I throw up a little in my mouth.) Making them took a couple of tries with several different types of glues, two of which gave me a burn/rash:

* glue gun (Evil Glue Gun Hurtses Me)
* super glue (SO fun to play with, but does actually stick fingers together.)

In the end I stuck (lulz….zzzzz) with some clear art glue, that did the job perfectly. It was so easy to place the feathers as I wanted them too. So, basically, I started at the top, and finished at the end with a home-made button for the second as I got glue everywhere. Typical.

The back I just covered with fabric, over the elastic. I had some headbands, but they give me headaches. (Or maybe that’s just the glue inhalation.)

Number one: I love this one! The feathers were surprisingly cheap from Hobbyland or somewhere, and it’s quite a nice little number to add to an outfit.

Number two: I made this one specifically for a family-party outfit, tho in all the photos you can’t see the bastard as my hair was freshly black. Don’t worry, I made a point to EVERYONE that it was there and handmade. Poor, poor, relatives.

Another couple I’ve made….. without the emphasis on the feathers. I love lace-covered fabric, and I’ve got quite a bit of vibrant fabrics around that really highlight though the lace layer.

So…..this was for a Craftster swap, Twilight themed (bothered…I love it) a simple tear-drop shape with lace-covered blue jersey, a fan of lace, and feathers. I wanted it quite Victorian/early century looking, and I was happy with the outcome. I backed it onto a comb this time, and made a matching bag (which I was also quite proud of)

This final fascinator was for a Craftster birthday swap; she wanted something ‘pretty’ for her hair as she’s a teacher. I popped this one on an alice band, just to see how it’d go. And I saw that it was good.

So there we go! The photos never do justice. But I’m really enjoying them, albeit never really wearing them much. Which I guess makes the fascinators a self-fulfilling prophecy. If they were an album, they’d be Life is Peachy. How ironic.