Saturday, 6 December 2008

keeping ears warm and thoughts together

these little babies are the first thing i'm totally proud of - different, colourful, and a little bit cool. they're all made from different types of material, with luxury faux fur lining. PLUS they're reversible. so, if you want, you can run around town looking a little bit courcheval..
the hairclips are made from felt and were really fun to put together! a little bit inspired by amy winehouse, minus the drug addiction and slightly gross husband (don't worry, it's not catching)


welcome to my page!  

i am chloe. i make hats, hairpieces, and handmade things that take my fancy.  

it is currently under construction, but will soon be filled with pictures and news of my latest creations.  

if you want to contact me, my email address:  

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