Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sorrow and the scarlet leaf, sad thoughts and sunny weather; Ah me! This glory and this grief agree not well together!

and the big chill is upon us! so what better to do some pics of jumpers i made in january 2009. always the on the ball, me. so without further adieu, i give you:

the hoody that could potentially be a sailoresque creation but as yet is just "bleu"
this is from the lydia pattern on , and was relatively easy for a sewing n00b like me. although, i had to add a couple of panels down the side as it comes up small, and i loves my roomy jumpers. i also hated the v-neck so added some rectangles on the front, and also lined the hood with the same material. i really like the way it came out, and - most important challenge - my sewing survived the washing machine. i'm on my way to making things that are totally wearable!
materials used: sweatshirt jersey and cotton interlock jersey
times worn out in public: 4
negative comments from public: 0 (yessss.....)

wow, my photos are professional. love the paper on the floor and the ferret cage hiding out back. there's another resolution i should make and then get too excited to remember.

creation number two: attempt to win battle against winter neck chills
this little number i really enjoyed making. i drafted the pattern from a tshirt i really liked the fit of, then added length to the body and arms (i hate jumpers that are too short. it makes me feel exposed and slightly vunerable. wierd? normal? tmi?) the neck was a style that i've been perving on for a while, but had been too scared to attempt, and turns out was annoyingly difficult to recreate. i wanted a stiff collar that stood up alone, so used ALOT of interfacing, but it still droops a little....if it could type, i'm sure it would write "sadface". but alas, the jumper is still a great fit, and the learning curve is a profitable one.
materials: sweatshirt jersey and cute little heart broach i made from lace and felt *happyface*
times worn out in public: 5
times worn on a saturday night on the sofa with wine and cake: too many to count. goodtimes.

ps thats one of my beautiful ferrets, bear. he says hi.

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